Agenda Available – OBPB Transportation Subcommittee, Nov. 25 @6pm

Please find below the link to the November 25th Transportation Subcommittee agenda. Public is welcome at subcommittee meetings.

  • Action Item #1: Continuation of the planning of way-finding signage for biking and micro-mobility from the Mission Beach/Pacific Beach area to Ocean Beach.
  • Action Item #2: Follow up on traffic calming presentation with OBMA regarding Newport Ave. diverters.
  • Action Item #3: Follow up regarding Robb Field/Dog Beach bike path repaving, improvements and maintenance.
  • Action Item #4: Public initiated proposal. School safety and traffic calming proposals for OB Elementary.
  • Information Item #1: Review 2nd phase plans for the West Point Loma Blvd road diet and bike lane implementation.

OB Planning Board Agenda for Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Public is welcome.

Items on the agenda:

  • 4744 Cape May Ave. Project #576102.
  • 4744 Cape May Ave. Project #576102
  • 1409 Ocean Front St. Project #611484
  • 4830 Muir Ave. Project #637024
  • 2068 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Project #636851
  • Street Vendor Ordinance
  • Airport Development Plan

More details on agenda link.

Ocean Beach Recreation Center – 4726 Santa Monica Ave, Ocean Beach CA 92107 at 6:00 pm

Agenda for Wed. Aug. 7 OB Planning Board now available.

6pm. OB Rec Center. Public is welcome.

Agenda items: Dog Beach Accessibility Improvements Project, Mainstreet Association Banner District, Bacon St. and Newport Ave. Traffic Calming, Pier Safety Improvements, Traffic Calming Measures on West Point Loma Blvd., Support for the Coastal Communities Mayoral Candidates Forum and Future Public Outreach. More details on agenda link.