What to Expect at the Project Review Committee (PRC)

The Project Review Committee is tasked with providing preliminary feedback and recommendations to the Ocean Beach Planning Board on whether to approve or deny the project, sometimes with conditions. The Committee does not provide recommendations to the city. Your project must then be presented to the full Ocean Beach Planning Board in order to complete your DSD cycle comments for a Community Planning Group (CPG) recommendation.


Please provide the following documents: 

  • Full set of current plans, as submitted to the city (digital format, and 4 prints in 17×11 format) 
  • Cycle Review Comments & Assessment Letter (digital only)
  • Photos of the existing conditions, surrounding buildings, and site context (recommended, digital only) 
  • Any other documentation or items that may assist in your presentation or consideration by the Committee. 

Digital documents shall be emailed 7 days in advance (PDF format preferred) to projects@oceanbeach planning.org. The planning board utilizes a digital projection system connected to their own computer. 

Other printed and digital displays are also welcome as long as they have also been submitted by email in advance. 

Time and Location

Ocean Beach Recreation Center
4726 Santa Monica Avenue
San Diego, CA

The meeting begins promptly at 6:00pm unless otherwise noted. Please be present at the start of the meeting. The time slots on the noticed agenda are only guidelines. Wednesday is also farmer’s market night, so plan extra time for traffic and locating sparse street parking. There is a passenger unloading area in front of the building. 

Other Preparation 

The following are some of the questions commonly raised by the Board members and the public. This list is not a required submittal, but having answers to these concerns will assist the Committee in reviewing your project. 

  • Does the project align with the Ocean Beach Community Plan? The Community Plan can be downloaded here.
  • What are the outstanding comments in your cycle review? How are they being addressed? 
  • Are you seeking a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or Variance? If so, is there a resulting public benefit? 
  • Is the proposed use appropriate and consistent with the neighborhood? 
  • Is the bulk and scale of the project consistent with the neighborhood? 
  • Is there a historic component to the project? Does the architecture respond to the surrounding cottages in the Ocean Beach Cottage Emerging Historical District
  • Is the project in the Airport Overlay Zone? If so, what measures are taken to address noise in the building? 
  • Is the landscaping consistent with the neighborhood, drought tolerant, and/or uses Low Impact Development (LID) principles? 
  • Are there storm water mitigation measures planned for, and is runoff from the project site controlled? 
  • How are trash/recycling containers being stored on the project site? Are the parking requirements satisfied? Will there be exposed mechanical equipment or signage
  • What is the sustainability and energy performance of the project? Does it meet or exceed the California Energy Code (Title 24) requirements? Does the project prepare for climate change or future sea level rise?

For more information please contact: The PRC Chair at projects@oceanbeachplanning.org