Development Code & Policy

The following codes and policies apply to land use and development in Ocean Beach.

Plans & Policies

  • City of San Diego General Plan: The broad blueprint for development planning that applies to all communities in San Diego. The General Plan was adopted in 2008, and amended in 2010 and 2012.
  • Ocean Beach Community Plan: Associated with the General Plan, the Ocean Beach Community Plan refines citywide goals and policies to address issues unique to Ocean Beach. The Community Plan was adopted in 2014 and became effective following certification by the California Coastal Commission in January 2016.

Codes & Development Procedures

  • City of San Diego Land Development Code: Comprised of Chapters 11-15 of the San Diego Municipal Code, the Land Development Code contains the City’s detailed planning, zoning, subdivision, and building regulations.
  • City of San Diego Land Development Manual: The Land Development Manual provides information to assist in the processing and review of development applications, including application guidelines and a “User’s Guide” to the Land Development Code and the discretionary review process.
  • City of San Diego Information Bulletin 620: Updated in 2013, this short bulletin is intended for permit applicants and explains the role of community planning groups such as the Ocean Beach Planning Board in the City’s discretionary review process.