About the OBPB


The all-volunteer Ocean Beach Planning Board is recognized by the City of San Diego as the primary advisory group for land use and land development issues in the Ocean Beach community. One of over 40 community planning groups across the city, the Planning Board was formed by the San Diego City Council to make recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, City staff, and other agencies on land use matters relating to the Ocean Beach Community Plan Area.

The Planning Board evaluates and makes recommendations on proposed development projects and permit applications as part of the City’s discretionary review process. It also advises the City on the preparation of, and amendments to, the Land Development Code, the General Plan, relevant community plans, and other land use matters affecting Ocean Beach as requested by the City or other government agencies. Additionally, the Planning Board provides the City with advice on other matters of concern to the Ocean Beach community whenever relevant.


The Planning Board consists of 16 elected members: 2 representatives from each of the seven districts that comprise the Ocean Beach Community Plan Area plus 2 at-large representatives. Terms are two years, with the two seats in each district staggered so elections occur in alternate years. Annual elections are held in March, and new terms typically begin in April after the election results are certified. The board may also appoint members on a discretionary basis to fill vacant seats. All members, whether elected or appointed, must meet the same requirements to serve.

The Board has four officers—Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer—who are appointed from within, typically following annual elections.


The Planning Board forms committees on an as-needed basis. Past committees have included the Community Plan Update Committee, the Project Review Committee, and the Elections Committee.


As detailed on the Meetings page, the Ocean Beach Planning Board holds regular meetings on the first (1st) Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. The Board may also convene special meetings as necessary. Additionally, the Board’s various committees meet on an as-needed basis.

All Board and committee meetings are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted in the agenda, all meetings are held at:

Ocean Beach Recreation Center
4726 Santa Monica Ave
San Diego CA 92107

Agendas for all meetings are published three days in advance. They can be found at the Meetings page, and also on the News Feed at the bottom of the every page. To be advised of upcoming agendas and other news, use the links at the bottom of this page to subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, or email updates.

Bylaws & Other Governing Policies

See the Bylaws page.