Short-Notice Call for Photos for the OB Community Plan

We have been given a short-notice opportunity to put some finishing touches on our new OB Community Plan by submitting additional images that illustrate the uniqueness of our town. Using the guidelines below, please email your best OB photos to by the end of the day on Friday, July 17th. Thank you for your support!

Themes We’re Looking For:

  • Infill development
  • Buildings that showcase small-scale character: bulk, scale, historic cottages
  • Historic content: Particularly early roads into OB
  • Shots from the ocean “view cones” in low-lying areas (within 1-2 blocks)
  • Recreation: Surfing, skate park, volleyball courts, etc.
  • Events: Street Fair, Holiday Parade, Kite Festival, Farmers Market, etc.
  • Sensitive Environments: Famosa Slough, San Diego River, cliffs, tidepools
  • All 6 hotels in Ocean Beach
  • Popular businesses and restaurants
  • Bicycle routes
  • Crosswalks/pedestrian crossings
  • OB Pier: Any/all angles
  • Newport Avenue crowded with people/cars at sunset


  • Ensure all photos are taken within the OB Community Plan Area.
  • Ensure outdoor photos are taken under blue skies, as the marine layer creates a white-out effect.