City Council Unanimously Approves Community Plan, Variance Language Intact

The San Diego City Council voted 9-0-0 today to approve the new Ocean Beach Community Plan, showing their unanimous support for the product of over a decade of community collaboration. The Council overruled the Planning Commission’s recommendation to soften the Community Plan’s language on variances, instead supporting the language recommended by the OB Planning Board, City staff, numerous community organizations, and thousands of concerned citizens.

The OB Planning Board extends its deepest appreciation to all the dedicated volunteers who worked in support of the Community Plan update for over a decade, from its inception through today’s approval. Community involvement has strengthened the Plan and played a crucial roleĀ in its success from the beginning.

The Community Plan still must be certified by the California Coastal Commission, which could occur as early as Fall 2014. City staff have already revised the Plan to reflect suggestions from Coastal Commission staff, and a handful of minor issues remain that both staffs expect to resolve in the coming months. When negotiations are complete, the City Council may approve focused revisions to the Community Plan, but those revisions will not affect today’s overall approval.

For more information, please see our Community Plan page.