Serving on the Board

Annual elections for the Ocean Beach Planning Board are held on the first Wednesday of March, and new terms typically begin that evening after the Board certifies the election results. Terms are two years, with the seats in each district staggered so elections occur in alternate years. The Board may also appoint members on a discretionary basis to fill vacant seats. (See Members to determine if there are vacant seats.)

All members, whether elected or appointed, must meet the same requirements to serve.

Eligibility Requirements

All persons who meet the eligibility criteria below are allowed to apply for a seat on the Board. It is not necessary to be a registered voter with the state or county government.

Candidates must first demonstrate that they are 18 years of age and meet one of the following conditions within the OB Community Plan Area (map) for more than 30 days:

  • Resident: Residing and maintaining a physical address.
  • Property Owner: Owning property.
  • Business Owner/Licensee: Owning/operating a business with a physical address/location.

(Proof of the above may be established with a copy of a driver’s license [or other government ID] in addition to a copy of a utility bill, business license, or tax bill that demonstrates the qualifying address of the candidate.)

In addition, eligible candidates must:

  • Gather at least 35 signatures from the district in which they are seeking a seat (signatures must be from district residents, property owners, or business owners/licensees).
  • Have documented attendance at one of the Board’s last 12 meetings prior to the election.


The official application, including signature forms, can be downloaded below. It may be used for elections or appointments. Please contact the Board to notify us that you are interested in a seat and to coordinate submission of your application.

Once the candidate’s application and signatures are verified by the Board, the candidate will be deemed eligible to serve and may be appointed at the next general meeting.