The Ocean Beach Planning Board consists of 14 elected members, with two representatives from each of the seven districts that comprise the Ocean Beach Community Plan Area. Terms are two years, with the two seats in each district staggered so elections occur in alternate years. (Letters next to each district number indicate whether that seat is elected in “E”ven or “O”dd years.)

For more information the Board’s structure and operations, see About the Board.

For information on joining the Board, see Serving on the Board.

Board Officers

Chair: Andrea Schlageter
Vice Chair: Kevin Hastings
Secretary: Tracy Dezenzo
Treasurer: Craig Klein

Board Roster

DistrictNameMember SinceCurrent Term Expiration
1ETracy DezenzoSeptember 2018March 2020
1OAnthony CiullaOctober 2018March 2019
2EElizabeth FelandoOctober 2018March 2020
2OTom GawronskiApril 2011March 2019
3EVirgina WilsonOctober 2018March 2020
3OAndrew WaltzMarch 2013March 2019
4ECraig KleinFebruary 2015March 2020
4OVacantMarch 2019
5ENuman StotzSeptember 2016March 2020
5OVacantMarch 2019
6EJane GawronskiApril 2014March 2020
6ODan DennisonMay 2016March 2019
7EAndrea SchlageterApril 2017March 2020
7ORichard AguirreApril 2017March 2019
At Large E Kevin Hastings September 2018March 2020
At Large ORichard MerrimanOctober 2018March 2019

Letters next to each district number indicate whether that seat is elected in “E”ven or “O”dd years.

Ocean Beach Community Plan Area Map

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