How to Vote in the 2024 Election

Who Can Vote?

  • All members of the community who reside, own property or own/operate a business within the OB Community Plan Area are eligible to vote in the election.
  • You may only vote 1 time.
  • All voters must submit a voter registration form with their ballot.
  • All voters will be asked to submit proof of residency. It is not necessary to be a registered voter but you must show proof that you reside, own property or have a business within the Ocean Beach Planning Area.
  • Addresses outside of the OB Community Plan Area boundaries are not eligible to vote.

How to Submit Your Vote:

We want to give our community members as much time as possible to vote this year. Registration and voting will take place between February 20-March 5, 2024.

All voters must register to vote either online or by submitting a paper registration form with their paper ballot.

  • ONLINE: register online and receive a ballot by email. Online registration closes Tuesday, March 8 at 8pm. Online ballot will close Tuesday, March 5 at midnight.
  • IN PERSON: print a paper registration form and ballot and bring it to the March 5th OBPB meeting between 6pm and 8pm. Meeting is located at OB Recreation Center located at 4726 Santa Monica Ave., San Diego, CA 92107. In person closes at the end the Planning Board Meeting, typically 8pm.
  • BALLOT BOX: print a paper registration form and ballot and drop off at the OB Business Center located at 4967 Newport Ave. Unit 12. Box will be available during business hours between February 21-March 5.
  • MAIL: OBPB, 4967 Newport Avenue #133, San Diego, CA 92107. Must arrive in the PO Box by March 5th.

Run for Election in March / Candidate Eligibility & Instructions

Note: As of 2024, the Planning Board election process has changed.

9 seats will be up for election in 2024 within the OB Community Plan AreaView current incumbents. Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation.

All persons who meet the eligibility criteria below may apply to be a Board Member.

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age 
  • Are one (1) of the following: ResidentProperty Owner/AgentBusiness Owner/Licensee, within the OB Community Plan Area, for more than 30 days.
  • It is NOT necessary to be a registered voter with the state or county government.

SUBMIT APPLICATION: Submit via e-mail to: elections@oceanbeachplanning.org or by mail to: 
Ocean Beach Planning Board, 4967 Newport Avenue #133, San Diego, CA 92107.

  • To be listed on the election ballot, your application & signatures must be received by February 6, 2024 (deadline extended until February 13th).
  • After this date, you may still run as a write-in candidate if your application & signatures are received by the conclusion of the Board meeting on March 6, 2024.
  • application & signatures for election will not be accepted after the March 6, 2024 Board meeting.

GATHER SIGNATURES: Obtain 20 signatures from within the Ocean Beach Planning Board Area. 

  • Signatures must be obtained from residents, property owners, or business owners/licensees within the Ocean Beach Planning Area.
  • Signatures must be submitted with the candidate application.

Appointments to a Vacant Seat

The Board shall make a good faith effort to fill vacancies promptly after vacancies are declared. Vacancies shall not be filled by appointment during the 60-days preceding and following a general election (March) unless necessary to maintain the minimum membership requirement of ten (10) members. Vacancies existing in the 60-days preceding a general election shall be included in the election. Candidates for vacancies shall meet the following criteria: 

  1. demonstrate eligibility as a candidate in accordance with Article III, Section 2; and
  2. present to the Board a completed candidate application. which includes a nomination petition signed by at least 10 eligible members of the community.  
  3. come to a regularly scheduled Board meeting and announce your intention to apply for a seat. Submit your application, tell the Board about yourself, and why you want to be on the Planning Board.
  4. candidates must receive a vote of 2/3 of the current Board vote to be appointed to a vacant seat.

For any additional questions please email us